Five & Dime Ruler by Kansas Troubles Quilters (Lynne Hagemeier)

picture-five-and-dime-rulerThis is a five and dime 2 1/2" x 5" x 10".  It is a clear acrylic with non-slip gripper squares and 1/4" markings and hang hole.


KT Wedge Template by Kansas Troubles Quilters (Lynne Hagemeier)

picture-kt-wedge-templateThis is a 2 1/4" x 10 1/2" with a mini wedge cutout template.  This ruler will work great with the pattern called Twisted.


Spare Change Ruler by Kansas Troubles Quilters (Lynne Hagemeier)

picture-spare-change-rulerThis is a mini Five & Dime 1 1/4" x 5" x 2 1/2".  It's clear plastic with non-slip gripper squares and 1/4" markings and hang hole.


Pineapple Tool by Gyleen

picture-pineapple-toolThe Pineapple Tool has just enough markings to make quick and accurate pineapple blocks.


picture-chenille-cutterOlfa Chenille Cutter

Chenille Cutter has 4 channel guide sizes from narrow to wide widths. Turn dial for 24 new blade edges. Long lasting ultra sharp double honed edge blade made from high quality tungsten tool steel. Cuts paper card stock photos felt fleece and more.  Simple-to-use multi-purpose chenille cutter not only helps you easily make your own fabric but can also cut multiple layers of fabric. 


picture-bo-nash-fuse-it-powderBo-Nash Fuse It Powder

This is the versatile fusible.  It makes invisible repairs.  It can be used for appliques and applying labels.  It can be used to baste quilts.  It stays soft and you don't have to use pins.  You can stitch through it and it will not gum up your needle!


picture-ironslide-ironing-board-c0verIronslide Ironing Board Cover

This "fit & stick" cover is made from a space age fabric that reflects the heat of your iron BACK to the garments or fabric.  It is easy to keep clean, resistant to fusible, starches and interfacing.  

Price:  19"x59" $20.00 with foam pad
Price:  29"x65" $38.99 with foam pad

picture-ironslide-iron-shoeIronslide Iron Shoe

The iron shoe fits the base of any household iron.  It is vented so it can be used with a dry or steam iron.  You can iron from cotton to silk or denim to lace without waiting for the iron to cool.  It helps give your sewing that professional look and eliminates shine.  There is no need for a pressing cloth.


Clover Perfect Precision Stilleto

picture-stillettoThe Clover  Hold It Precision Stiletto allows you to hold fabric in place while sewing or pressing. You can use it at the ironing board or the sewing machine. It features a grippy tip and an angled tip. It is comfortable in the hand, heat resistant and has good reach and visability in use. The special heat resistant silicone tip is ideal for working near the iron while pressing. 



Quilt Ruler Upgrade Kit by Guidelines 4 Quilting

picture-upgrade-kitMistake proof and slip proof your 12" and 24" rulers with this great Kit.


Deb Tucker's Wing Clipper

picture-wing-clipperThis ruler has quickly become one of our employee's favorites.  Don't ever be nervous about making flying geese again with this ruler.  Using the wing clipper gives you exact sized geese.


Deb Tucker's Tucker Trimmer

picture-tucker-trimmerThe Tucker Trimmer will help you make perfect hourglass, combination, and half-square triangles