Finishing Your Quilt

Squared Quilt Borders are sewn first to the sides of the quilt and then to the top and bottom. To keep from having your quilt 'wave' rather than lay or hang straight, first fold each of the border strips in half and mark the center points with a pin. Then fold the quilt top in half and mark with a pin. Match the marked centers of the quilt and the side border strips, sew, press and trim. Now fold the quilt in half and mark the top and bottom center points. Repeat the process.

Quilt Backing Size should be 4" to 6" larger than the quilt top. Long arm quilters need this excess in order to secure the quilt to the frame and be able to quilt to the edges of the quilt top. If you quilt the piece yourself, you will still need this excess to provide adequate coverage of the top during basting/pinning and quilting. Also remember that the quilt top should be centered on the backing and batting. Mark centers with pins for alignment purposes.

AQS Quilt Show - Add a Sleeve Video: AQS - add a sleeve to your quilt

Hanging Sleeves can be sewn with the binding seam of the quilt. Cut a strip that is about 1" or 2" less than the width of the quilt top and approximately 8 1/2" wide. Hem the short ends of the sleeve by folding under 1/4" to 1/2", pressing and topstitching close to the edge of the hem. Then fold the sleeve in half lengthwise with right sides out and press. Center the sleeve onthe back top side of the quilt and baste. Sew the binding to the quilt. Bind. Then smooth the sleeve against the backing and blind stitch along the sleeve bottom.