The History of QuiltEssentials

We are often asked how QuiltEssentials came about.

Many years ago, Mary Toll did cross stitch as a hobby.  When her best friend invited her to a quilting class, Mary said "I'm too young for quilting."   Mary thought only "old" people quilt.   She went to the class anyway without any of her own tools or supplies. Mary said "IF I like it, I'll purchase the tools."  During the class she learned how to make the Log Cabin block and when she left the class she went straight to the store and bought all the tools she needed to get started on her incredible quilting journey. In fact, she enjoyed quilting so much that three years later she bought a Gammill Long Arm.

After making 4 Log Cabin quilts in a short period of time, Mary was telling one of her friends how great it was to quilt.  Mary's excitement got her friend interested in quilting. Mary and her friend would get frustrated because they had to travel to other cities to find quilt shops and most of them were not open on Sundays. So over a couple of drinks, they said "Why don't we open a quilt shop in Oshkosh!!" Meanwhile, another person was in the process of opening a quilt shop in Oshkosh and their paths crossed. So that's how it all started.......

In 2004 Mary and two partners opened QuiltEssentials in a small strip mall on Emmers Lane in Oshkosh.  In 2007 the shop was moved to its current location at 1928 S Washburn.   In 2008 Mary became the sole owner. Looks like that first quilting class was a success!!

All of us at QuiltEssentials look forward to seeing you soon!